Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bullet proof glass VS rockets who is stronger

  A few days ago, small has brought folks to enjoy a foreign "Virgo" positions with various gun test "unlocked" video has aroused villagers heated discussions (haven't seen folks can click here to watch). Now, this kind of "spear and shield" controversy has risen to a new level. Because the competition had become rocket and bullet-proof glass on both sides, with a focus on more than just a glass, but a full 45 layers of bullet-proof glass! Moschino iPhone 6 plus cover

  For a more intuitive performance rocket explosion scenes, participants also put on a lot of boxes near the glass walls, and placed behind the glass wall of a dummy. According to the situation after firing dummy, can project real-related conditions to survive.

Bullet-proof glass VS rockets who is stronger?

  First rounds in slow motion at first glance seems to be missed, but when you look from the side, was able to see it hit the glass wall on the left side part. Although not completely shattered the glass wall, but has hit a small hole, and through the small hole the rockets will leave anyone in the force of the explosion ripped apart. Can be sure that, if you are standing behind a reality, then, he was dead.

Bullet-proof glass VS rockets who is stronger?

  When launching the second rounds, supporters against the glass wall, says that only a fully packed close together will reduce the overall glass walls defences. Thus, participants in front of the glass wall for the first time added a new piece of glass walls and between the gap of approximately 1.5 meters in the middle. However, does not appear to be any eggs, fake brother who is still tortured by molder.

Bullet-proof glass VS rockets who is stronger?

  But there might be folks you want to appeal, because the second test when that wall has been broken before. Having said so, but even chipped in a bullet-proof glass, as long as the overall shape does not have to be broken apart still has a strong defense. And, it's a bullet-proof glass! Good spell together dozens of blocks, it is very expensive! Tester has probably not prepared to so many new requirements are.

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