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Blow molded paper printmaking process blowing paper prints basic skills

Blow molded paper printmaking process blowing paper prints basic skills

 A, what is the blowing of paper prints

Are you familiar with blown print this material? If you have such material, ballpoint pens or other hard for as long as in the above description, you can easily trace of drawing needs to. Plate roll ink or color, resin coated paper mill print picture above, is what we call was blowing paper prints. Learned this print, students were free to look, think and hear things. Will you a dream to learn printmaking.

Er, pink water blowing paper prints

Simply put, water pink printed blowing paper prints are blown paper material, through a variety of hard pressure at slightly above the need to trace, then smear ads or gouache colors with a brush, resin coated paper, with hand-printed color prints, known as powder-Indian blowing of paper prints. Blown paper texture is soft, with a ballpoint pen in the blow molding paper across the surface can leave the size and width of point, line and plane, can produce a variety of print results, gouache (or concentrated advertising package) instead of ink easy operation and cleaning.

Blow molded paper printmaking process blowing paper prints basic skills

Four, tools material:

Blow molded paper, pencils, pens, handmade knives, printing drawing paper, brushes, brush size, white glue, water, pink, color boxes, clips, No. 240, sandpaper, cotton towel, a small bucket.

Problems needing attention to five, purchase blowing paper:

Generally we buy to blow paper size for 114cmx45cm, making paper prints shall be according to their own needs to the paper into various sizes. Its single and double two, the main difference is that exquisite single layer, double rough. To remember to select the single layer thick blown paper, it was decided to work key to the printing effects

Six printed blowing paper prints, making powder should do one thing before:

New blowing on cardboard with a layer of oily substances and use aqueous pigment powder paper prints, painted on the Board will drop because oil separation phenomenon. Therefore, in order to achieve the best printing results, need to blowing paper surface in front of the plate to be processed. No. 240 water surface of the sandpaper and gently Polish the entire blow molded paper or sponge with soapy water to clean entire blow molded paper surface. When you use either of these methods after the sedan, so color is easily attached to the plate.


According to their own feelings (or sketches) drawn draft (such as campus life, countryside, etc). When the drawings, the teacher should be combined with Fan Tu about composition screen lines of loose relationships: screen, where most densely line, which lines the most sparse, where lines do not dilute dense (constituting a picture of white and grey), in the lower grades in primary schools, not directly constitute a picture of "black" ' "," gray ".

Woodblock printing

Painting watercolor painting of the manuscript with bubble blowing on the plastic sheet, and draw not satisfied with where you can gently wipe with a damp cloth. After drawing with ballpoint pens (such as bamboo sticks, nails) characterization, due to blow the paper texture is soft, ball-point pen to be Dent, line-intensive place, Dent formed bump, where sparse lines into gray.


With rubber gun will gouache pigment (or concentrated advertising painting pigment) in flat Shang back and forth scroll, makes rubber gun surface uniform by ink, (pigment in the cannot added water too more, should makes of has high of concentration), gun in carved good of Board Shang (according to need, can free adjustment various color), makes blow plastic paper painting Shang uniform by color (blow plastic paper Shang of color cannot too less), then with pictures paper or rice paper cover in blow plastic paper Shang, slightly forced pressure printing, completed job. There is also a print method: water pink with a brush to fill in for blow molding paper and had been the background color of the drawing paper pressure printed on the plastic sheet, fill a color print one color, each picture printing, printing print called Pink prints of this method, the method has been widely used. Its drawback is printing a picture takes a long time. Method of making more, blowing plastic paper instead of wood, with a ballpoint pen in place of wood carving knives, using poster color concentrate instead of ink, reducing the difficulty of making, shorten the child layout-making time, students in the classroom, after-school and home to engraving.


Rock art paintings batik effect

  ① method of blowing paper prints, carved, and according to the picture needs to tear into irregular shapes.

II the good of blowing paper discussion into a ball (according to the screen requires a local twist soft) where the crush for blow-moulding glued with adhesive tape on the back of the paper.

③ by blowing paper the basic methods of expression, printing prints can be printed in monochrome or partial filling coated canvas, forming color (paint painting hard and a bit less and cannot be painted carved lines). The method of random and strong, can achieve an unexpected effect, with long and strong local flavor, instruct students to write these kinds of works offers murals, batiks and other students to appreciate in order to achieve better results.

Woodcut effect

  ① manuscript with foam markers for blow-moulding on paper are good.

II in the draft of the good morning blow small thin lines on the paper with a ballpoint pen or other hard to carve.

According to blow heat melting characteristics of the paper, large areas of the screen blanks and dense point, line segment, using soldering iron

Print-making Central America Central America fairy tale the fairy tale "src =" http://cdn.rouding.com/imagesrc-s/jpg/201402-12-CD20384933-t.jpg "__1392208455890__=" ev_6696317205 "/>

In blow molding cardboard painted hot spotting (prior to soldering iron tip into different shapes) soldering iron tip of some square, some round, produced a layout with a strong knife. If the picture needs a natural border, you can use the knives I.

  ④ method of printing the same, can be printed in monochrome or color printed works has a strong knife, with a woodcut effect.

  This method produced prints, depicting objects and delicate, with strong wood effect, overcoming the difficulties of the pupils carved wood with a wood knife, suitable in elementary school, high school and middle school students in popularity. When the iron plate, contact should control the soldering iron blow molding speed and length of paper, this method is intended to be universal in art activities.

Engraved brick rubbing effect performance

  ① shall have to present the objects drawn on blow molding paper (or on the surface a rough piece of paper), the drawing should be as broadly as possible.

  ② cut good graphics, pasted on paper and LaTeX (or blow on the paper).

  ③ to LaTeX in the back, printed works (print former)

  This effect of making method, main is using blow plastic paper and paper block sucking ink performance of differences sex, paper block part sucking ink poor, printing out of ink (color) shallow, b appeared mottled of texture effect, blow plastic paper part sucking ink strong, printing out of ink (color) deep, picture actual compared strongly, has strong of brick carved, and stone rubbing painting effect.

Fill color prints.

  ①the sealed according to the basic method of blowing paper prints in pink with deeper water in the picture on the paper print screen outline, in (drawing paper and a version with a clip).

  ② opened one end of the paper, fill in the blanks in the picture outline different water pink. (Water should be a little lighter pink)

  ③ for blow-moulding patterns l gun deeper water pink embossing on paper, so that the shades of a color print is printed.

  There is also a print method: first by monochrome print Print Print print, color in the back, local (backgrounds) directly with a brush fill color. The ways to make prints, the whole picture has a wealth of color, easy for children to learn and master.

Print-making Central America Central America fairy tale the fairy tale "src =" http://CDN.rouding.com/imagesrc-s/jpg/201402-12-3620385845-t.jpg "__1392208455890__=" ev_2990259934 "/>

Seven, several small other techniques:

1. color-coating: good Edition with a brush or brush plate single water pink, we call it color coating. Printing for beginners powder blowing paper prints of the students with the practice.

2. color flat coating: a monochromatic coating of Foundation, you can practice color coating. Color coating is painted in several colours printed pictures of each part of the frame. Is characterized by rich, beautiful colors, have a certain appeal.

3. the method of dark and light color change: changes in shading method refers to one color and another color after provisioning changes, painted in the blow molding cardboard printing drawing method. This method is appropriate for a large area of the screen.

When he was eight, painting should be noted:

1. when using a black cardboard, color gorgeous, Brown, Aaron Copland, dark green, dark red, and minimize the use of dark to appropriate if you want to add some white powder, lemon and other pigments, black cardboard and color contrast stands out. Blow molded paper prints pictures blow molding

2. when paint, water master, was too dry and not so wet paper is too thin to see black, the whole picture will be a mess.

3. paint one side coated side printing, otherwise, a long dry pigments, will be printed on the paper.

4. printing paper and good blowing versions must use two clip firmly, so as not to flee. A picture not printing not printing paper down before.

Mastering these skills you can easily make beautiful blow molded paper prints!

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