Sunday, March 27, 2016

Good camera please check from the 100 invitations

Dear _______ Sir/Madam:

How are you doing.

We are looking for a "good camera", and to this end, we pay attention to you for a long time, don't think you mention the specialized equipment we do not know, you Po on the micro-blog, circle of friends every photo, original compositions and simple motion-capture, use of light, are deeply betrayed the fact that you love photography.

In a cell phone camera is getting better now, almost everyone has become a photographer. However, although everyone kept pressing the shutter, but some people will live up to the landscape, some people can find beauty in the ordinary.

On November 9, we want to make a name for "frozen" after the event, please come to the real experts--including the four photography book author a 12 volume Zhao Jia, winner of the Festival of Pingyao, famous humanist photographer has soldiers, and Astronomy Forum, renowned Astro-photographer Jie Renjiang, founder and Vice President of millet (also a photographers) Li Wanqiang. We're not interested in photography's ultimate meaning, Internet photo industry the kind of impact, how intelligent photography equipment upgrading these metaphysical topics; on the contrary, very technical, the photography of the scene will be tough on how to identify a good equipment, how to take a good photo to do some sharing their experience. Yes, this event is the "exclusive", prepared for the real people who love photography.

    Time: November 9 14:00-17:10 (activity starting on time, early admission)

    Location: stars play one village Theatre (Xuan Wu men NEI da Jie Hu Tong, wonton, 64th)

    People: Zhao Jia Jie Renjiang has soldiers Li Wanqiang

    Events: "customer 100" Salon-first topic-fixed

    Topics: Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

       Zhao Jia of the latest developments in the top photographic equipment

       Possession of the how to choose lenses according to subjects

       Jie Renjiang appreciation of astronomy photography equipment

       Of the camera if I do Li Wanqiang

For details, see special pages.

In photography, any one of these four names are attractive enough, let alone four of them together? If you are a photography lover, should not miss this opportunity, click to enter the registration page ...

Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

P.S: "customer 100" Lei Feng launched a network for all types of enthusiasts (we prefer to call them "playing") series of branded salons, each on a specific call in 3 to 4 guests in the field to share their toys and play, the first frame is our series of Salon.

We believe that from the heart of love is the driving force of driving technology development, focusing on those areas of a loving and to spend enough time to play-whether you are playing photography, hiking, HiFi, bicycle, ski, extreme sports, surfing, playing well enough as long as we are happy to provide a stage to show. We hope for immoderation showed more life possibilities: beyond the confusion, there are bigger and better world.

Click on registration.

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