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Add Oculus Rift aircraft you fly experience

Add Oculus Rift--aircraft you fly experience

Since receiving the first wave of Oculus Rift Development Kit, this pair of VR (virtual reality) glasses to play one after another. We previously reported Rift Omni running machine play and cooperate with the Disunion of the beheading game, going to say today is used to match vehicle immersive flight play.

This game was originally from Sweden a flying camera company Intuitive Aerial YY. You want to experience the feeling of flying, you first need to prepare an aircraft fuselage carrying cameras, two notebooks, as well as hero props Oculus Rift.

Add Oculus Rift--aircraft you fly experience

Intuitive Aerial built a wood frame camera and a laptop fixed to the bottom of the aircraft, and aircraft carrying notebooks will take thereafter to a machine on the real-time images back to the ground, machines connected to the Oculus Rift--360-degree flight vision is in front of you. Players can also remote control in the hands of the air "freedom."

Add Oculus Rift--aircraft you fly experience Add Oculus Rift--aircraft you fly experience

Here is Intuitive play Aerial exercise:

From the video, we can see that this system is still quite rough: such as aircraft carrying a notebook is heavy, and wireless transmission distance is not far later--so we can use raspberry pie that forced GE to a higher solution.

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Another direction of this system upgrade is added into the headset and BCI to replace the remote control so that players operate aircraft more natural experience even better.

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Add Oculus Rift--aircraft you fly experience

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Oculus Rift in virtual reality

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Oculus Rift in virtual reality Paul Frank case

DK1, Oculus DK2 resolutions increased from 640x800 to 960x1080 (up 1920x1080). First generation of products in order to reduce the feeling of dizziness, DK2 OLED using low latency. One of the biggest improvement, believe the DK2 will join a group of detect head movements of the camera, so that players can implement such features as "close" movement, officials said just for this function's optimization team spent a lot of time. In addition, the DK2 gyroscopes, accelerometers and other sensors of the testing frequency will all upgrade to 1000HZ, but the weight will go up to 440 grams. Price was close to the people (although the DK2 still for developers)

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