Sunday, April 24, 2016

After 9 months of sunlight power 2nd finally crossed the Pacific

After 9 months of sunlight power 2nd finally crossed the Pacific

  Sun power official Twitter announced that Sun power 2nd successfully arrived in United States West Coast, meet after many twists and turns, 9 months later, it finally crossed the Pacific Ocean. Sun power, 2nd is long endurance, not wasting fuel solar aircraft can fly day and night. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases

  On March 9 last year, "shinin" 2nd from the U.A.E. capital of Abu Dhabi flight, flight scheme across the Arabian Sea to India, Myanmar and China, and then flew over the Pacific, the United States, the Atlantic Ocean, southern Europe and North Africa, eventually returned to the places of departure, scheduled to go through 25 flying day and night, land at 12 sites.

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  Sun power 2nd landed on March 31 last year in Chongqing, to Nanjing for three weeks, on May 31 and flew from Nanjing. But, after taking off from Nanjing who was caught in bad weather "landing" Japan Nagoya airfield, but landed safely after an accident has happened until July 2, took off for Hawaii.

  The plane from Japan Nagoya to Honolulu flight 118 hours created three world records: longest uninterrupted solar plane flight, the longest single flight and flew the longest distance solar powered flight. However the cost of all this is that its lithium-ion batteries overheating burn due to continuous work, have to require maintenance in Hawaii.

  On April 22 this year, Sun power, 2nd take off from Hawaii, to San Francisco.

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