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Strange bone and joint pain you are still taking pain medicine

-Low back pain, leg pain, headaches, body pain.

Secret-picture Pose?

-Nima, I'm really hurt!

Chronic pain is a disease, painful indeed! The current, from United States Boston NeuroMetrix has developed a pain relief device Quell, after the United States food and Drug Administration certification, 100% medications, no painkillers, simply worn Quell can relieve chronic pain, frozen shoulder, migraine, arthritis, be saved.

The working principle of Quell pain relief


Quell the release current sensory

Sensory neuron sending pulse signals indicate the brain Lunatik iWatch Case

Promote the production of natural analgesic response

Block the body's pain signals to the brain

Quell pain relief device hidden in a breathable and comfortable motion designer belt, electrodes located in the back of the instrument, after designer wear, the electrode will enjoy full access to the skin. When the current leg, calf, sensory nerve signals reach the brain, spine brain command releases endogenous opioids, which are key to block pain signals from the body.

How to use Quell pain relief device?

2 piece electrode patches in motion designer belt

Motion designer belt worn on the leg above

Press the Open button

Quell pain relief product containing a month can be used for electrode patches, change the electrode patches every two weeks. Electrode patches, priced at $ 29.99, nearly a dollar a day.

Automatically adjusts to the optimum intensity

In view of the demand for treatment for everyone is different, have different sensitivity and users after the first use, Quell automatically according to the individual adjustment to the best, most suitable for the intensity of stimulation.

Pain relief fast 15 minutes work

Clinical trials show that Quell pain relief device for painful diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, sciatica, osteoarthritis, pain caused by very effective, fastest results in a quarter.

Official certification guaranteed ease of use

Quell pain relief device is the result of the United States food and Drug Administration certification (FDA), and doctors ' recommended. NeuroMetrix company said strong Quell use without side effects, and can be bought without prescription, belonging to non-prescription treatment devices, so users can be assured that buying used. Lunatik iWatch frame

In addition, Quell also connected with a mobile phone via Bluetooth, users can view the sleep quality by matching App and physical therapy. Is in need of attention, such as cardiac pacemaker and defibrillator implanted metal, electronic instrument prohibiting the use of Quell pain relief in patients with instruments.

Small series of reviews

Although not cure chronic pain for years suffer from chronic pain to people, Quell pain relief device is their Gospel, but also didn't take any painkillers, as long as all day wearing Quell movement with, never has PERIARTHRITIS, migraine, arthritis problems. You tell me what do you think, welcome message threw bricks.

Ways to buy

Now, for $ 249 can be purchased on the official website to Quell pain relief device.

Intends to purchase of user please into Lei Feng network (search "Lei Feng network" public, concern) its coughs network a key pre-order, odd cool column has and coughs network reached cooperation agreement, now up, Lei Feng odd cool column Xia all technology products are can in coughs network purchase, more details please concern odd cool official micro-signal (woaiqiku), joined odd cool products QQ discussion group (467333995) and small partners are with discussion purchase recommends!

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Quell pain relief device

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Quell pain relief device

Lunatik iWatch frame

Quell pain relief instrument, after the United States food and Drug Administration certification, 100% medications, no painkillers, simply worn Quell can relieve chronic pain, frozen shoulder, migraine, arthritis, be saved.

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