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Musk super high speed lines cost the real underlying question competition and

Musk super high-speed lines cost the real underlying question, competition and challenge

  We often see such scenes in science fiction: the city is covered with intricate "plumbing" after drilling in these vehicles in the pipeline, you can fast from one location to another location.

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  Imagine, you ride the vehicle in the future, arrived in San Francisco from Los Angeles in half an hour. When you get in without engines, and bus-size carriages, seat memory your entertainment Setup and automatically adjust. Relying on the pipeline in the near-vacuum environment, the car will accelerate to about 760 miles per hour (about 1223 km). You won't feel any engine noise, and the smart pipes can measure the speed and position of the vehicle. Vehicles will be pressurized, so as to minimize the influence of gravity. The journey as comfortable as air travel, and all power comes from solar energy.

  Ride the transport, you may even have no time to drink.

Musk super high-speed lines cost the real underlying question, competition and challenge

  Questioned in advance

  As a real life version of "iron man" on SpaceX website Yilong·masike on August 12, 2013 put forward the concept. Entitled at the time of the Hyperloop Alpha in the white paper on musk will be super high speed train known as the future of "the fifth traffic mode", as there are 4 modes of transportation that is complemented by planes, trains, automobiles and ships. At that time, the California high-speed rail project-building programme to stimulate Thomas grams, he always thinks that the dreams of California represents the United States in the future. High-speed rail system in the programme ("cost per kilometre is the most expensive, most slow speed of high-speed rail"), Mr MASKEY has launched open source design challenges. He envisages in the pipeline as a vehicle, crew of 28 people, solar powered speed close to the speed of sound, only $ 20 one-way fare, and the construction cost is estimated at US $ 6 billion. Compared with California's high-speed rail scheme, which cost only 1/10. Givenchy iPhone 6 Case

  At that time, about the concept of musk's reaction with both excitement and doubt, and also has a direct negative. Some people even believe that musk was for commercial purposes to destroy California's high-speed rail project. However, Mr MASKEY said in a statement, he has no plans to develop commercial Hyperloop and related work to participate in challenges students, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Over the next two years, musk clamouring for open source Hyperloop design and development on Twitter. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) and Hyperloop Technologies Inc (HTI) leading in developing commercial Hyperloop vehicles, musk is the close partnership of the two companies.

  On January 15 this year, however, Mr MASKEY said it would build Hyperloop tests, and in the summer of 2016 Hawthorn SpaceX headquarters challenge in California. The news exploded across the industry. Challenges what are the specific contents? This is the development works, about half the actual vehicle. Testing the pipeline parameters to published in October this year. By November, from 162 universities and 318 teams from 16 countries submitted to the design of the vehicle. Eventual finalists will attend the January 13, 2016 Hyperloop design weekend activities organized at Texas a and m University, and United States Transport Minister andongni·fukesi (Anthony Foxx) will be served as keynote speaker at the event.

  Why musk choose this priceless ideas of open source, while leaving a door for intervention? Musk did not disclose the reasons for this, but since the release of the Hyperloop Alpha since, his life has not changed. He's still busy, other than as SpaceX CEO and Chief Technology Officer, or Tesla CEO as well as Chairman of SolarCity. Previously, Mr MASKEY has maintained close liaison with their own ideas. There are rumours he will select a Hyperloop startup, endorsement for the company and joined its Board of Directors. However, musk does not want to be seen as their own tendentious.

  At present, the musk is seem to bring his invention home, look at the concept of what kind of new development. In this process, he will be in the United States the largest free products play an important role in the development of science and technology. However, not all Hyperloop interested persons have decided to participate in the competition. Compared with the competition organized by the Thomas g, "Hyperloop movement" bigger.

Musk super high-speed lines cost the real underlying question, competition and challenge

  HTT: commercial Hyperloop

  Shengmonika room in California, Grow Holdings kuiyi·haiyesi (Quey Hays) is depicted on the Quay Valley plan. Quay Valley is an ideal city, Hayes hopes to make it into a model for the future of California. At first glance it seems, these and other wealthy area of California is not much different, including shopping centers, resorts, wineries and SPA. However, Quay Valley different is that you will have full use of solar energy, and extremely low consumption of water resources. Construction of the small town will be 26,000 Internet Smart House and apartment construction will emphasize the environmental protection from the very beginning. Hayes hopes to the 75,000 residents in a green way, breaking the critics as "impossible" assertion.

  As a former Publisher and movie industry executives, Hayes said: "over the years, environmental design and intelligence there has been a lot of progress. Our philosophy is that all these developments are concentrated in the same locations. "The first attempt was his Quey Valley water rights litigation and frustration of the 2008 financial crisis, but the latest of the site have been identified, between Los Angeles and San Francisco between 7200 acres (about 43,700 acres) of land, timing is expected to the year 2016. When the idea becomes reality, will concern all over the world. This is not only because of the promise of sustainability, Quay Valley also plans to introduce the world's first Hyperloop lines. This line will be built by HTT, cost is estimated at between 100 million and 150 million dollars.

  HTT CEO Deke·aerboen (Dirk Ahlborn) did not believe that he needs to do something in SpaceX's race. In Thomas announced grams Hyperloop Alpha, 3 months later, alborn founded HTT. Although he maintained good relationships with the musk, but he thinks that SpaceX deviated from the focus on the competition. He said: "no use for us to half-size vehicles, their argument does not make sense to us. "At present, HTT focused Quey Valley projects. "We have passed the prototype stage and has developed proprietary technologies. "He said," I know, you need to describe the work into race, but I don't think it's a competition. We do not compete with them. Our competitors are other modes of transportation. If this is a competition, it will soon end. "

  Alborn was born in Germany. By in Italy created a renewable energy company, he made a small fortune. He then travelled to United States to find new opportunities, but quickly ran out of their wealth. There was a time, he had to in order to make a living and working in a restaurant, while seeking new business concepts. The failures gave him the experience and lessons learned, and his online incubator JumpStart Fund was also set up in 2012. JumpStart Fund used crowdsourcing Technology Center. Such a model has been inherited HTT. HTT, fewer than 500 employees. Initially these employees work at least 10 hours per week, but can only access to shares of the company, that meant they had to engage in another job to make ends meet. However, the HTT has achieved rapid development.

  "Hyperloop movement", HTT gave the industry the impression that the future is full of uncertainty. However, alborn is completing a series of high profile cooperation. In 2013, the HTT in cooperation with engineering software maker Ansys, which is responsible for the Hyperloop simulation modeling of fluid dynamics. In 2014, the HTT and the University of California, Los Angeles, Suprastudio master's architectural design projects, while the latter is mainly responsible for the HTT in the user experience, "human factors", such as cars, station building and station and ticketing processes. In August, the HTT announced cooperation with international engineering giant Aecom and Oerlikon. These companies provided the world's first vacuum technology. This also shows that HTT has been not limited to Quay Valley. In addition, the HTT had begun in Quay Valley of Kings County, California, where start vetting process, this will also be the Hyperloop projects approved for the first time.

  Quey Hyperloop was designed for manned and cargo in the Valley, the biggest can reach 300 miles per hour (about 482 kilometers), far less than the dream of musk. However, this short-distance traffic will demonstrate the potential of Hyperloop city suburb, which is an essential step in the development of new means of transport. Meanwhile, solar cells, wind turbines on the stent through the line motor and brake kinetic energy generated in the process, this transportation system's output will exceed power consumption. HTT plans to sell electricity to the grid, in the development of transit systems, while also building an energy company. Alborn declined to give technical details, Aecom and Oerlikon said, before reaching a cooperation agreement, they had already assessed the HTT program, they will be actively involved in all aspects of development.

  Although HTT and Quay Valley seem to have won the competition on Hyperloop, but Hayes had a different view. He said: "why only one Hyperloop company on the market? Why not more? "

Musk super high-speed lines cost the real underlying question, competition and challenge

  HTI: has the support of iron

  Outsiders often confuse HTI HTT and its main competitor, the alborn regrets. HTI was founded 8 months later than HTT. Alborn said: "they are very smart, they can have a different name. "

  Alborn HTI's views on these two points are not disputed. HTI is the founder of Sherpa Ventures xieerwen·pixiewa (Shervin Pishevar). Pi Xiewa are the friend of musk, is also one of the early backers of the Uber. His partner, engineer buluogen·banbuluogen (Brogan BanBrogan) had previously worked for SpaceX, and currently is the Chief Technology Officer of HTI. On the process of joining HTI, banbuluogen said: "Kerven Office I visited Napa, is to reject him, but he plans on Hyperloop, namely underwater Hyperloop, deeply attracted me. "HTI on the composition of the Board of Directors can be called" Silicon Valley dream team ", including the notorious Dawei·sakesi (David Sacks), jimu·meixina (Jim Messina), Pite·daimandisi (Peter Diamandis), qiaoyi·langsidaier (Joe Lonsdale), as well as the recent aimili·huaite (Emily White). Former chief operating officer of which is Snapchat.

  In June this year, Cisco Pi Xiewa found the former Co-President of Luobo·luoyide (Rob Lloyd) as CEO. Lloyd has been engaged in during the previous 20 years of World Wide Web infrastructure development, led the engineering team of 25,000 people worldwide. In failing to host after Cisco CEO, Lloyd choose from Cisco's departure. He considered HTI CEO candidates, because the company's products are often questioned. Lloyd had been told that no one would pay bills on the Internet. When Pi Xiewa Lloyd described all over the United States and around the world the Hyperloop pipeline, Lloyd believes that this transport system has similarities with Internet infrastructure. He said: "with the accelerated speed of information flows, everything is faster. This mode is like moving a bit of data, but the data is tangible. "

  HTI is to raise $ 80 million, for the next round of expansion. Pi Xiewa, Lloyd and banbuluogen often mention that currently Hyperloop is ushering in the "Kitty Hawk moment", that is, the first car will be up and running in full size pipe. HTI and high-speed rail between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the near future project developer China railway International (United States) cooperated. China railway International (United States) is the railway company in China and the United States XpressWest the establishment of a joint venture company. At that time, Las Vegas will usher in the HTI "the Kitty Hawk moment." Taking into account the participation of developers, the transport system may also enter the huge potential of the Chinese market in the future.

  If HTT and HTI Hyperloop were successful, then Hayes on several Hyperloop companies participating in the competition's vision will become a reality, while Americans might be seeing "National Edition" of the New York subway system. New York subway was built in the early 20th century, the developer is a competitive relationship between the two companies, and used different subway cars. However, if a vehicle cannot enter another company's pipeline company, then United States national Hyperloop network may not be easy to achieve, leading to musk in the Hyperloop Alpha's dream, the Hyperloop change traffic mode, the bubble. However, Hyperloop concept just two years ' time. Although musk will personally participate in the project there are many guesses, but exclude the Thomas g, then no doubt is also wrong.

Musk super high-speed lines cost the real underlying question, competition and challenge

  Public perception problems

  SpaceX's rules of the game show without any human or animal to take the test vehicle. Early in the product development, this is a standard security precaution, but also reflected public Hyperloop cognitive problems. Even if "Hyperloop movement" has the ability to address regulatory, land use, and technology issues, but still need to persuade the public to be willing to take this kind of transport. The Hyperloop Alpha vehicles are given an imaginary figure, looks like a bullet, seat half angle of bending. People have other concerns about this transport: If a line break or brake system failure, then the vehicle will become real "bullets", while the pipe is the barrel. When piping a collapsed or blocked, then the situation will be even more dangerous. Therefore, on "the fifth traffic mode" scenario have encountered obstacles.

  "Hyperloop movement", make sure that the attraction of new technologies and user experience is very important. HTT Suprastudio with the University of California, Los Angeles in the near future building projects. This project will partner with the best architecture student and teacher together. SpaceX competitions, musk has invited hundreds of team development half size of the vehicle. In contrast, alborn HTT to UCLA's 25-person team proposed a new challenge: around the currently existing core technologies, developing solutions for Hyperloop user experience. Challenge change people for this technique is the most important part of "impossible" stereotypes. Suprastudio keleige·huojici, head of the team (Craig Hodgetts) said their goal is to "change the Hyperloop emotion." • Another Member of the team Marta Nowak (Marta Nowak) has put forward this view: "we want the Hyperloop from no one is willing to take the vehicles became willing to get off the vehicle. "

  Test cases early in the discussion, one named Zhou Yayun (Yayun Zhou, voice) student mentioned that her Chinese grandmother never take the capsule vehicle running speeds approaching the speed of sound. Huo Jici to her grandmother's photo, picture on the wall in the Studio and asked: "How are we going to let Zhou Yayun grandmother rode Hyperloop? "The Chinese women brought inspiration to the project.

  Provides for Zhou Yayun grandmother experience needs of town planning, architecture, engineering, and business marketing together for consideration. Huo Jici inviting Disney theme park's legendary designers Lali·geci (Larry Gertz) and in Star Trek and the design of films such as Tron's iconic vehicle and robot visual futurist xide·MIDE (Syd Mead) to participate in this project. Suprastudio students are recommended to adopt similar approaches to the Hyperloop vehicles aircraft cabin pressure, which reduces the weight. In order to make up for the disadvantages of vehicles with no Windows, Hyperloop compartment will be available through the projection show landscapes, such as forests, starry sky and grass. At the end of the project, alborn Zhou Yayun and several of her classmates are invited to join the HTT teams. Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

Musk super high-speed lines cost the real underlying question, competition and challenge

  Security and reliability

  In parallel with the Suprastudio team for the HTT to solve user experience problems, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign dimensions only 1/24 Hyperloop model is being developed. They designed a magnetic coil and 3D print vehicles. On May 4, the vehicle model is expected to enter the track. Subsequently, these students take 6 seconds of video and upload to YouTube.

  This video upload date coincides with SpaceX announced the launch of Hyperloop race. The school's Department of mechanical science and engineering undergraduate program aimaide·jiaximu (Emad Jassim), said: "we are suddenly hot video. But in fact we have been engaged in this work. "

  University of Illinois team at SpaceX has a clear competitive advantage in the race. This was the team's 4th Hyperloop design project, first launched in the fall of 2013. Hyperloop even became one of the school's Department of mechanical science and engineering courses. Team members have a variety of backgrounds, including aeronautical engineering, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software. In addition, two members of the team was the intern of SpaceX, including team leader zhake·Li-liqiesen (Zak Lee-Richerson). However, the teacher in charge of the team, Professor kaluosi·Pan Tanoh-Loubinaux (Carlos Pantano-Rubino) says that the final test vehicle cost has not been determined. For manufacturing new equipment, which is another major obstacle. However, the corporate sponsor of the project shell for a strong financial support.

  University of Illinois team is split into 5 groups, 4 groups focus on different areas of vehicle design, while another group focused on safety and reliability, and arranged for members to participate in the work of the other 4 groups. Senior team leader jieke·hasaierting (Jake Haseltine) pointed out that the security team's task was to prevent "fission." Such a failure would trigger a chain reaction, leading to disastrous consequences. So, on this race, Sal Royale ' biggest concern is what? He said: "we fear that there will be other teams first entry may lead to damage. If this is the case, then we hard year of work will not be shown. So we want to first of all entries. "

  About musk challenge for tests, "fission fault" is the best adjective. Race guide shows, tests can support a variety of magnetic bearings or air bearings, to a few millimeters away from the vehicle. Prior to the competition, all test vehicles had no chance. Therefore, failure is likely to occur. Musk channel intelligence, can communicate with the operating system of the vehicle, while more accurate than metro rail communications. However, even the smallest dent will a car under the influence of the bearing. Will showcase to the world the competition varied Hyperloop designs, and we are likely to see, repairing pipelines to spend as much time and cost.

  From the Organization, SpaceX Hyperloop challenge traditional engineering competitions. Previously, many of the students will attend the annual F1 race developed prototype cars with low emissions and participate in the race. Mr MASKEY said he hoped future Hyperloop race. SpaceX on the contest Web site clearly shows that the company has no plans to develop commercial Hyperloop, said sources close to SpaceX, as proponents of the concept, Thomas g happy Hyperloop preacher role to play. After the competition, SpaceX testing pipeline will record data of all vehicles, and this is where intelligent design in the first place. If SpaceX has changed its plan, and decided to develop their own systems, it will introduce a private pipeline, and the use of various types of vehicles. This will address two Hyperloop kuiyi·haiyesi equipment incompatibility problems. Competition would make SpaceX Hyperloop business processes in a more favourable position.

  Subsequently, we will more likely see "fifth traffic mode" the arrival of subversion of the current bus industry in Silicon Valley, as well as a venture capital company of musk and support. But the musk, dream bigger. In Hyperloop Alpha, in the white paper on musk to the United States raised sharp questions: "do you really want to spend $ 68 billion building the world's slowest trains? "Raising this issue at the same time, Thomas g throws Hyperloop concept. In 2016, he might even get the answer myself.

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