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Did PS4 PS5 Sony can t determine

  PS4 has served more than two years, and recently, but there is speculation that this year there will be more function PS4.5 for sale. PS5? Unfortunately, Sony does not seem to know much about PS5 will there.

Did PS4 PS5? Sony can't determine

  SCE President before an interview, when asked about PS5 when people noticed his speech vague, even saying "If you mean" it. Reporters covering his Lorne Lanning wrote, "JI Tian Xiuping suggests that we will see things more flexible. No one knows what the future will be, so how can we expedite the acceptance (PS5 come) well? "

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  Actually Sony thought of PS5 shake, which has appeared to take shape for a long time. Starting from PS4 release Sony will focus on the development of the game cloud technology, its Gakai, the acquisition is a good proof of that. As the world-wide network of growth, feasibility of transport is becoming more and more of the game. The cloud server is responsible for the main calculation, it becomes more and more important for local hardware function, even you need is a TV and a handle on the line.

  Although PS4 is referred to as the "next generation host", but in fact it runs in some masterpiece up to Sony even said "Next-Gen standards", that is, 1080p 60fps frame rate and resolution. "Born behind" this sentence is a bit exaggerated, but unusually strong PC platform, Sony's worries understandable. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Plus Cases

  Update console platforms and six or seven years, PC has maintained a small running rhythm, and faster and faster. PS4 pitches to do 1080p and 30fps game, PC version of relax 60fps unlock. Although this requires an investment far exceeds the PS4 console costs, but the core players will not too hard.

  In addition, the Steam, the rise of digital games platforms such as Origin is also home to lose a major advantage. Player payment through network means you can start the download, after download is complete to start the game. This is not a big problem for home, but the convenience is still one-up PC platform. Combined with encryption technology and game enhancement of network elements, players much reduced demand for pirated crack, PC's strong rise was to be expected. Will PS4 PS5? PS4 sold, Sony has also been repeatedly to ask myself this question.

  From this perspective, the shift to the cloud is really a good idea. After reduces the player's dependence on proprietary hardware, as long as Sony products are free to play the game, and Sony will be able to maintain the hardware update, do not need to fear that these would affect the old game compatibility issues.

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