Thursday, April 14, 2016

Do you remember the scroll of LG keyboard Second generation

  LG last year gives us a very interesting accessory--LG Rolly. Of course, knowing that both Apple and Microsoft have their own Bluetooth keyboard, but if I had to compare it to LG Rolly is more interesting. In addition to be a Bluetooth keyboard, LG Rolly's biggest features and fun place cube is able to roll into a rectangle, it also makes it easier to carry. Moschino Note 4 Case

Moschino Note 4 Case

Do you remember the scroll of LG keyboard? Second generation

  LG to the LG Rolly seem very confident because they are now preparing to launch the second generation of LG Rolly. Different from early last year, LG Rolly, the second generation of LG Rolly rows of buttons from four into five rows, this may mean that the second generation of LG Rolly becomes closer to the ordinary keyboard we are familiar with.

  In addition to changes in the number of lines outside, LG Rolly in the second generation of the "outline" has also changed. We all know the original LG Rolly rolled up into a cuboid, and second generation LG Rolly rolled up so will become a Pentagon of cube, which also makes it appearance has become more solid. However, this does not have any effect on portability.

  Second generation LG Rolly still have to rely on one AAA battery, because it is a Bluetooth keyboard, it can also be very good adaptation of Android, iOS, and Windows and Mac devices. Moschino Note 4 Case

  But for the time being the second generation of LG Rolly only in the Korea domestic sales, it was not clear whether LG will be introduced to the rest of the world to, but as much fun as accessories, we of course also hope that LG is willing to share with us. Original LG Rolly sells for $ 119, estimated that the second generation of LG Rolly difference in price should not be very far.

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