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LG Samsung or LG 360 VR will be used to respond Gear VR

LG Samsung or LG 360 VR will be used to respond Gear VR

  In the wake of Google, Facebook, Sony, Samsung, Nintendo and Logitech also announced a few days ago that the future will release VR products. Members may not know that LG is also already entered this field, for now, seems to be bringing us a new VR products.

  Recently, the well-known fact person Evan Blass post tweets on Twitter (not illustrated), tweet display LG 360 VR. Only one name is enough to let the imagination.

  Evan Blass gave no more information, so as to what exactly is a LG 360 VR products, is unknown for the time being. Netizen speculation is it is a G5 to match similar to the LG smart phones Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses case, some netizens speculate is a 360-degree camera specifically for virtual reality video and photo content. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

  Nokia and Google are developing to shoot 360 degree virtual reality devices, Nokia's 360-degree virtual reality camera called OZO, equipped with 8 simultaneous cameras and 8 microphones, independently filmed full virtual reality video and stereo audio.

  Google also has a shooting 360 degrees virtual reality video of equipment, name for JUMP, it is a paragraph used 16 a independent GoPro movement camera composition of 360 degrees camera array column, can achieved camera synchronization 360 degrees shooting, and through JUMP software for late processing, can generated realistic of 3D virtual reality video, and can and virtual reality headphones, around equipment together using get more real of effect.

LG Samsung or LG 360 VR will be used to respond Gear VR

  LG 360 VR named from today, we believe that it is more likely is a 360 degree camera. If that is the case, for video content producers, is a good thing.

  Filmed in 360 degree virtual reality equipment before the camera to preview the effect of virtual reality, must pass a special software, spent a few hours after stitching up to preview, and new equipment fast playback you can use low resolution video rendering in a matter of minutes, a Director or photographer preview the current effects, and seamlessly integrated, without wasting too much time.

  As the MWC2016 approach, and LG has today released the MWC2016 fashion show invitation, then LG will unveil flagship LG G5, also will release "LG360VR" for more information.

  As early as last year, LG has released a virtual reality device-VR-virtual reality devices for G3. The device is similar in appearance to the Gear VR, but based on Google's Cardboard, is material made of plastic instead of cardboard.

  LG even before the release of VR for G3 is considered to be based on the Google Board of LG on virtual reality to test the waters. After almost 3 years of testing the waters, LG has introduced a real home VR of the real device.

  VR is the next trillion-dollar market, today's technology landscape and even a possible reshuffle, if a market cannot succeed in this market and be exaggeration to say that, this company might be out of the market, like Kodak.

  2016 Deloitte's technology, media and telecommunications industry points out that VR would be 2016, industry trends, and 2016 is expected to be about 2.5 million units sold VR headset and 10 million copies of the game. 2016 most VR industry revenues are likely to be driven by tens of millions of ordinary consumers, this means that the VR products will be the new consumer, will enable the entire industry has strong growth potential.

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  Goldman's latest research report found that by 2025 the global annual revenue of the VR market scale will reach US $ 110 billion (about 710 billion yuan), related software sales of $ 72 billion, which means that when the VR field the overall market will reach us $ 182 billion (about 1.2 trillion yuan), ten years of growing into a trillion-dollar level in new markets.

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