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Philips push 3 monitor 5K resolution quantum dots curved screen

Philips push 3 monitor: 5K resolution, quantum dots, curved screen

  Weifeng Web on September 7, these days in Germany's IFA Berlin 2015 exhibition, MMD Philips (joint ventures with TPV) announced a number of noteworthy display products, including 5K, quantum dots on the monitor displays and surface arc-LCD and so on.

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  This Philips product displays, is the most popular natural style with UltraClear 5K resolution, model number and name of the product is not a formal announcement, but I can confirm the exact size of only 27 inches, actual resolution of 5120x2880 pixels, making the total pixels of screen to 14.7 million, equivalent to the same size Quad HD (2560x1440) four times times the resolution monitor.

Philips push 3 monitor: 5K resolution, quantum dots, curved screen

  The display also has the Philips PerfectKolor technology, make sure that the default factory AdobeRGB color space has been 99% of the calibration accuracy and perfect present 1 billion colors. Of course, monitor conforms to the industry standard color 99% 100% sRGB and Adobe RGB color gamut, so the user can also adjust the color to the exact color you want standards.

  SmartUniformity mode is also supported, based on the color indicators for evaluating color accuracy, image display brightness when precise average luminance uniformity over 95%, to avoid fluctuations in brightness and color problems. In addition, the display is also provided with 1 camera, built-in speakers, support for multiple Windows at the same time enable the active connection and view other attractions of other features.

  Philips officially confirmed, this 5K resolution display will go on sale at the end of this year, initially for a suggested retail price of € 1599 about 11350 Yuan, compared to only current competitor Dell UP2715K a lot cheaper.

  Quantum dot display 27 inches and 34-inch curved display

  Another attractive product, is a 27-inch quantum dots (Quantum Dot Color IQ) technology monitors with IPS Panel, in line with the Adob e standard RGB color gamut, allegedly because of quantum-dot technology than traditional LED display 50% more color display, highlight and energy efficiency, excellent results compared to similar high-end products of power 25%.

Philips push 3 monitor: 5K resolution, quantum dots, curved screen

  Philips zhiqian on has launched quantum points display, on the technology in display Shang of using Philips is global first home, quantum points is single level structure, each fixed size of quantum points inspired Hou of light of spectrum is narrow, is legend in the of pure color, this on precision to control color, reached precise of color restore has is big of help, and because color purity more high, also on can produced more rich of color. According to Philips, quantum dots under the monitors conveying light and accurate, color has a tension, can present wide gamut smart color and true color.

  Last is Philips first equipped with surface arc screen of display, 34 inches size, resolution reached UltraWide Quad HD level of 3440 x 1440 pixel, Super narrow border design, built-in speakers support DTS sound, and joined has Ambiglow Plus Base technology, can help image in Visual Shang more has immersed type and class 3D realistic of visual experience, and can through fast processing and analysis incoming image content, constantly regulation launches light, To keep restore the brightness and the color that match. There is a technology called SoftBlue allegedly can remove Blu-ray irradiation effect to prevent eye fatigue, eye protection.

Philips push 3 monitor: 5K resolution, quantum dots, curved screen

  Sorry is that Philips has not announced quantum dots and the screen displays the official launch date and pricing.

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